Not all air fills are alike!

Did you know that there are many different grades of breathing air?

At Diver ACHI DIVERS, the air that we fill your tanks with is voluntarily tested every three months.  The air quality has consistently been “Grade E/Oxygen Compatible” – The highest grade (and cleanest) air there is. Air testing is not required by law (most dive stores do not test their air!).

So why take chances breathing compressed air that is not proven safe? Now you don’t have to.


#Air Fill Services – Standard Air SCUBA CylindersDaily Rate
1Standard Air Fill (Up To 3500 psi)$12.00
1Tanks-A-Lot Fill Card (10 Air Fills*)$50.00
1Visual Inspection (VIP/VCI)$20.00
1Hydro Pressure Test$50.00
1Tumble (Hydro Required With Tumble)$50.00
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