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This is a difficult question because it all depends on your diving goals, we all begin somewhere, so when deciding on renting or buying your own dive gear...

You should ask yourself the following questions:
  1. How often do I plan to SCUBA Dive?
  2. Will I be diving locally, or when traveling?

  3. What is my budget for scuba equipment?

  4. What diving equipment will provide me with the most comfortable diving experiences?

  5. What additional diving equipment can enhance my diving experiences?

There are no right or wrong answers, just personal preferences. Each diver begins with a particular goal, which evolves over time. Once you begin diving, you discover a whole new world. Whether you decide to rent or buy, you should know that you can still enjoy the same amount of excitement.
Thankfully, we have experience in both scenarios, we offer both scuba gear and equipment rentals, as well as a full line through our physical and online store.
Here are some things to consider, so you can decide on your own which fits you better!
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-If you want to dive professionally, or plan on diving often, you definitely should have your own dive equipment. This will ensure you the greatest convenience and maximum comfort.

-Owning your equipment is always the most cost-effective solution. We can help, as we offer 6-12 months, of up to 0% interest financing* (*subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Contact us for details).

-Owning your gear allows you the greatest comfort, and the ability to gain familiarity with every aspect of your equipment.

-An initial large investment in equipment is not necessary. You can buy the essentials and gradually add them to your equipment until you complete your whole set. At Achidivers we have a team that can help you choose the basic essentials needed to start diving, such as a wet suit, dive fins, mask, and snorkel gear. These items are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and easy to pack for travel.

You can rent the remainder of your dive equipment, at our center, where we can provide dive computers, BCD, air tanks, regulators, and everything you might need until you select the equipment that suits your needs and which you feel most comfortable with.

Many divers prefer to own their mask and regulators. If the idea of wearing a mask or regulator that has been used before by others makes you uncomfortable, you might consider buying yours for a better experience.

At AchiDivers we sanitize all our rental equipment and offer a full line of new disposable silicone mouthpieces for our rentals regulators.

Renting and fitting a wetsuit can take the time that could otherwise be spent enjoying diving.

-Finally, you´ll appreciate having familiar gear and personalized fits. Additional benefits to owning your gear include intimate familiarity and having the features you enjoy, at hand. These nuances help to make you feel at ease, comfortable and ultimately enhance your entire diving experience. Once you own all your equipment, there are no rental fees, saving you money in the long term.

Owning your gear provides security in knowing that you have everything you need to dive.

These are just a few of the factors you should take into consideration, as they will help you decide if you should invest in buying your equipment.

-We recommend that you define your needs and wants, before investing in your equipment. It is highly recommended that you try different brands and equipment, exploring your options, and enjoy the entire experience.

-Our rental services allow you access to the equipment you require to dive, and the ability to experience different brand’s fits and feels. Its recommended that you experience different types of equipment before making your final de vision and investing in your equipment.

Our staff is dedicated, knowledgeable, and helpful. We can answer any questions you might have with regards to brands and products, either at our store or online. If you are new and do not own any personal equipment, our dive center offers rentals of all the equipment required to help you get equipped and ready for your dive trips.

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-By renting, you are sure that you will never leave something required for the trip. Renting ensures ease of mind, no need to carry personal gear and equipment, and allows you to try different brands, styles, and equipment. Renting equipment allows you to test drive different brands.

-If you are only planning to dive on vacations or getaways, it is generally more convenient to rent at your destination.

Dive equipment is durable, and with proper care and maintenance can last for decades. If you prefer a no-maintenance scenario, it’s always best just to rent your equipment, simply because we store, service, and ensure that all your equipment is always in the best condition.

-Last but not least, storage considerations for your dive equipment. Full dive gear equipment storage takes less than 4.5 cubic feet of storage space (1.5 feet x 3.0 feet x 1.0 foot). The equipment should be kept in a cool dry place.

At Achidivers we understand our customer’s needs and provide our clientele with the ability to rent everything needed to dive (rent List here).

We offer our clients a full line of dive equipment at friendly prices, for every budget and every need. From novice to professional, our in-store inventory of rental and for purchase equipment can readily cover all your diving needs.

Through our local and online store, we offer the latest technology, and the best brand names in the industry. 

Our professional staff are all divers, knowledgeable, and familiar with the sport, our clients needs are our primary concern. Our instructors can also any questions you may have and can help make recommendations to meet your personal needs.

By default, we offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING throughout the continental United States.

We also offer EXPEDITED SHIPPING services upon request.

See you soon at ACHI DIVERS, or visit our website at,

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