Dive & Snorkel Trips

Discover the amazing diving spots in Florida.

USCG Duane
Visit this historical search and rescue ship that became an artifical reef.
Molasees Reef
Arguably the most requested site in the National Marine Sanctuary.
Neptune Memorial Reef
Pay your respects at this underwater columbarium.
Enjoy a four-hour trip on a snorkel charter that will take you…
Fort Lauderdale
There are over 200 shipwrecks in the area providing homes to some…
Shark Dive
The large Lemon shark population makes for a thrilling cage-free shark dive…
There are over 200 shipwrecks in the area providing homes to some…
Night Dive
The different organisms and/or behaviors you see on a night dive
Arguably the most requested site in the National Marine Sanctuary.


We have a great variety of courses.

Open Water Scuba Diver
Get your scuba certification with the Open Water Diver course.
Upgrade your basic certification to advanced with this exciting course!
Take the Divemaster course and do what you like as a professional.

Snorkeling Riviera Beach

At Achi Divers, we provide scuba diving classes and certification courses for Riviera Beach residents of all ages.  Whether you’re an 8-year old that wants to enroll in our Bubblemaker Program, a certified diver that wants to continue their scuba diving education, or you want to learn how to be a scuba diving instructor, we can help.  Every year, millions of individuals take to the water to explore the underwater marine world.  Not only is it fun and safe, it benefits your physical and psychological health as well.

Our Different Groups of Classes

We offer scuba diving educational classes in Riviera Beach in 4 different areas, all of which provide students with an opportunity to explore the marine world beneath the ocean’s surface.  With an emphasis on reality-based education and training, we focus on you, our student and not how much equipment we can sell.  You’ll always have the same person instructing you from the start of the class until you’ve completed it.  Achi Divers offers these courses in order to accommodate all age groups and their personal goals:

  • Courses for beginners that include our DSD or Discover Scuba Diving course, open water scuba diving instruction, and our Re-activate Scuba Refresher Program
  • Advanced courses for advance open water diving, emergency response and rescue diving, and a range of specialty courses that teach you new techniques.
  • Diving courses for professionals including Assistant Instructor training, Divemaster education, and Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor training.
  • Youth courses that include our Bubblemaker Program for 8-year-olds and above, our Emergency First Response® course that teaches you how to respond when a diver is having a medical emergency, our PADI Seal Team course for groups of 4 to 5 students.

Every course and program offered by Achi Divers is conducted by a professional PADI-certified instructor to ensure the best scuba diving education in Riviera Beach possible.

Our Riviera Beach Scuba Diving Trips

All of our Riviera Beach scuba diving trips are guided by certified professionals.  We ask that divers ages 10 to 15 be accompanied by parents or guardians.  Those divers that are 16 to 17 years of age have to options.  Either they be accompanied by a parent or guardian OR have written permission to dive with us.  A captain and crew will be on board at all times to supervise the following trips:

  • Fort Lauderdale – night diving and shipwreck exploration trips
  • Jupiter – shark dive trips
  • Key Largo – explore the Molasses reef, the National Marine Sanctuary, the wreck of the USCG Duane, or go night diving
  • Miami – explore the Neptune Memorial Reef, numerous shipwrecks, or go night diving to explore the different marine life that you don’t see during the day

In addition, our Riviera Beach scuba diving trips, we also offer 4-hour Riviera Beach snorkeling tours out of Fort Lauderdale, Key Largo, and Miami.  Best of all, these trips and tours are budget-friendly.  If you’ve been dreaming about underwater adventures, Achi Divers can make those dreams a reality.  Whether you want to continue it as a hobby or make a career out of it, the choice is yours but we are here to walk you through all aspects of the course with ease.

We service the following zip codes: 33403, 33404, 33407, 33410, 33418, 33419, and all surrounding areas.

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