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Discover the amazing diving spots in Florida.

USCG Duane
Visit this historical search and rescue ship that became an artifical reef.
Molasees Reef
Arguably the most requested site in the National Marine Sanctuary.
Neptune Memorial Reef
Pay your respects at this underwater columbarium.
Enjoy a four-hour trip on a snorkel charter that will take you…
Fort Lauderdale
There are over 200 shipwrecks in the area providing homes to some…
Shark Dive
The large Lemon shark population makes for a thrilling cage-free shark dive…
There are over 200 shipwrecks in the area providing homes to some…
Night Dive
The different organisms and/or behaviors you see on a night dive
Arguably the most requested site in the National Marine Sanctuary.


We have a great variety of courses.

Open Water Scuba Diver
Get your scuba certification with the Open Water Diver course.
Upgrade your basic certification to advanced with this exciting course!
Take the Divemaster course and do what you like as a professional.

Snorkeling Key Largo

The city of Key Largo has a lot to offer residents and visitors, especially individuals who love to scuba dive and snorkel or for those who want to learn and participate in these activities.  In case you thought these activities were cost-prohibitive, you’d be surprised to find out that scuba diving in Key Largo and snorkeling classes in Key Largo are affordable at Achi Divers.  So, if you’ve always wanted to learn how or already have your certification and want to further your education, we’re the go-to resource you can always rely on.

Scuba Diving Classes in Key Largo for all Ages

If there is one quality that separates us from the competition, it’s the breadth of scuba diving classes in Key Largo that we offer for all age groups.  These include courses for:

  • Advanced divers
  • Beginners
  • Divemaster
  • Freediving
  • Freediving
  • Open water diving
  • Professionals
  • Rescue diving

We make learning how to scuba dive convenient and safe by offering flexible private and semi-private class schedules and providing instructors who love the underwater world and want to teach people about it.

Achi Divers is committed to providing every student with diving education, equipment, and experiences possible with an unmatched level of superior service.  Our scuba diving certification course instructors in Key Largo are here to assist you in making well-informed decisions.  This will enable students to achieve their personal scuba diving goals in Key Largo while meeting their individual financial needs.

Key Largo Scuba Diving Trips and Key Largo Snorkeling Tours

For those of you who are craving underwater adventures and explorations, Achi Divers provides the following diving and snorkeling opportunities off Key Largo:

  • 4-hour snorkeling tours – morning and midday snorkeling tours that provide you with a look beneath the Atlantic Ocean’s surface
  • Molasses Reef – the National Marine Sanctuary’s most popular diving site
  • Night diving – the marine life and organisms that you’ll see when diving at night are like two vastly different worlds
  • USCG Duane – the historical US Coast Guard search and rescue that sunk and is now an artificial reef

Having access to the intermediate and shallow reefs off Key Largo provides divers with an extensive view of the marine life of the underwater world as there are 600+ species of creatures and an abundance of corals and plants to see.  Furthermore, the currents along the outer reef’s edge provide an opportunity to enjoy drift diving and is a great area for that type of Achi Divers drift diving education.

Why Get Your Scuba Diving Certification in Key Largo?

Although we could give dozens of reasons to take a scuba diving certification class in Key Largo, here are the best 7 reasons to consider it:

  • Exploring the underwater world with others is a great bonding experience.
  • It’s a beautiful world beneath the ocean’s surface.
  • Learning to scuba dive enriches your life.
  • Scuba diving is exciting and fun.
  • Surprisingly, diving and snorkeling is relaxing.
  • You’ll build a large group of new friendships.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to explore our fantastic underwater world.

We are here to help you explore the unexplored undersea life and enjoy a whole new world by scuba diving. The sheer adventure and adrenalin rush that you get by scuba diving cannot be explained so enroll today to know more. 

We service the following zip codes: 33037 and all surrounding areas.

For more information regarding learning how to scuba dive and snorkel, call Achi Divers today at (954) 990-6754 or (754) 302-6228.

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