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Discover the amazing diving spots in Florida.

USCG Duane
Visit this historical search and rescue ship that became an artifical reef.
Molasees Reef
Arguably the most requested site in the National Marine Sanctuary.
Neptune Memorial Reef
Pay your respects at this underwater columbarium.
Enjoy a four-hour trip on a snorkel charter that will take you…
Fort Lauderdale
There are over 200 shipwrecks in the area providing homes to some…
Shark Dive
The large Lemon shark population makes for a thrilling cage-free shark dive…
There are over 200 shipwrecks in the area providing homes to some…
Night Dive
The different organisms and/or behaviors you see on a night dive
Arguably the most requested site in the National Marine Sanctuary.


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Open Water Scuba Diver
Get your scuba certification with the Open Water Diver course.
Upgrade your basic certification to advanced with this exciting course!
Take the Divemaster course and do what you like as a professional.

Snorkeling Fort Lauderdale

How long have you lived in South Florida and dreamed about going scuba diving or snorkeling off the coast of Fort Lauderdale but you thought that taking scuba diving certification classes in Fort Lauderdale would be too expensive.  Well guess again.  At Achi Divers, we teach diving theory and recreational diving at competitive rates.  In addition to our extensive range of courses, we also offer Fort Lauderdale scuba diving trips and Fort Lauderdale snorkeling tours.

6 Health Benefits that Learning How to Scuba Dive provides

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, forget about joining a fitness center or gym.  Scuba diving is a great way to get in shape and shed a few pounds.  Plus, the unique scenery of the marine world is unlike any other above-water location.  But let’s take a closer look at these 6 amazing health benefits that scuba diving provides:

  • Scuba diving can improve flexibility and posture – as you kick your legs slowly in an underwater current, you engage your core and stretch your muscles. This improves lower body flexibility while increasing torso strength.
  • Scuba diving improves cardiovascular fitness – scuba diving involves swimming which is one of the best aerobic exercises for getting a great cardio workout. Going scuba diving on a regular basis promotes better blood circulation, improved sleep quality, reduced blood pressure, and weight management.
  • Scuba diving improves mental health by reducing stress levels – being in close proximity to the ocean is good for one’s mental health and a great stress reliever. Plus, research has shown that there’s a correlation between underwater breathing techniques and improved mental health.
  • Scuba diving increases muscle endurance and strength – when you swim against underwater currents, it forces you to use arm, core, and leg muscles. This helps to build leaner muscle mass and promote increased muscle endurance.
  • Scuba diving is a great way to improve your social life – even if you dive solo, you’ll probably be diving with several other individuals. Consequently, scuba diving can have a positive impact on your social life.
  • Scuba diving provides therapeutic benefits for physical and psychological injuries – this is especially true for military veterans and other individuals who suffer with certain psychological disorders.

With the ultimate adrenal rush and a chance to explore the undersea life, we take you on a tour of a lifetime. Learning the skill is important and we will ensure you become a good scuba diver as you learn the nuances of it. Now you have 6 more reasons to consider calling Achi Divers and scheduling a scuba diving class in Fort Lauderdale.

Our Approach

We offer a range of scuba diving in classes for (Fort Lauderdale residents included) such as beginning and advanced classes as well as diving classes for professionals and youth courses, all at very affordable prices.  Classes are taught in an engaging and pleasant environment with an emphasis on education and safety.  Achi Divers has everything you need for Fort Lauderdale scuba diving tours and your snorkeling activities in Fort Lauderdale including:

  • comfortable classroom
  • indoor pool
  • scuba equipment repair
  • well-stocked scuba diving store (Fort Lauderdale customers are always welcome to shop whether you’re taking classes or not)

As mentioned above, we offer scuba diving and snorkeling tours for the Fort Lauderdale area as well as night diving.  Our team of scuba divers are experts and have navigated the difficult paths and problems that come up during the dives.

We service the following zip codes: 33301, 33302, 33303, 33304, 33305, 33306, 33307, 33308, 33309, 33311, 33312, 33315, 33316, 33334, 33338, 33339, 33348, 33394, and all surrounding areas.

For more information about our classes or tours, call Achi Divers today at (954) 990-6754 or (754) 302-6228.

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