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Scuba fins are as important as the rest of your scuba equipment, so know that to invest and properly choose a good pair will make a difference in your diving performance

Out there are many brands and options but what you need to know is which fins fit your:





In SCUBA DIVING your FINS provides 100% of our propulsión in water, with them we’re able to imitate the fish’s movement while we are underwater. They also allow us to move through water with a minimum effort, substantially increasing the power of our bare foot. 

There are 2 types of scuba fins: full foot and open heel. But what is the difference? If you’re new in scuba you’ll probably be lost with these two, but we got you.

type of fins for scuba

FULL FOOT are usually soft and flexible foot pockets, it’s important to highlight that they cover your entire foot. With these you don’t need to wear scuba boots. The perfect diving scenario to use these is for diving in warm water.

OPEN-HEEL fins needs to be worn with scuba boots and can be used in any type of diving. Open-heeled scuba fins are by far the most common type of scuba fins. They are loved by all levels of divers. Open heel fins are also the best use for shore diving because you can walk out with your booties on and put the fins on later. At Achidiver we find this more comfortable, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the water as well. 

Here is the pro's list of each one:

Open-heel fins

  • Can wear with boots
  • Easier to get a perfect fit
  • Less buoyant
  • Better for cold water
  • Can accommodate spring straps

Full-foot fins

  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Better energy transfer from foot to blade
  • More affordable
  • Better for warm water
Important to know...

Open heels are worn usually by scuba divers and snorkelers usually worn full foot fins.

Make sure that your fins aren’t too tight or too loose-fitting.

Achidivers favorite Fins

Open heel
MANTA RAY FINS (click here to shop)
atomic fins
BLADEFIN (click here to shop)
SPLITFIN ATOMIC (click here to shop)
Full foot
Mares Avanti Tre (click here to shop)
Mares Volo Race (click here to shop)
CRESSI REACTION PRO (click here to shop)

Not sure yet how to choose your perfect air of scuba fins? Don’t worry, you can always ask for help, and will work with you and make sure you get the best fins that fit all your diving needs.

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